WELL, Magazine Asia is the Greater Bay region’s only place for REAL content making a positive difference!

Our core mission is to re-invent the modern online magazine. We focus on positive people and stories that enrich and encourage those in our community to be better and do better. Our goal is to improve well-being and coexistence of humanity and mother earth.

We do this by creating compelling multi-media content that highlights people and their stories that are making a difference in Hong Kong, the southern China region and the World. We believe that through highlighting diverse perspectives, local AND international, that we help people change their behaviors for the better to build a more sustainable future.

We are here to create a dialogue around the questions we think matter most:
How can we improve ourselves?
How can we be more conscious of the environment?
How can we better care for family, friends and community?
How can find and fulfill our life’s purpose?
What companies are making a positive difference?
What events and activities can we get involved in to better ourselves?
    We feel strongly about
Being considerate to diverse perspectives
Supporting positive physical and mental health
Fostering a spiritual connection with self and others
Highlighting people and companies trying to make a positive impact
Caring about others through volunteering and philanthropy
Supporting a Vegan/ Vegetarian lifestyle choices
Planting the seed of sustainability

We believe honest conversations encourage learning and personal growth and are committed to creating and sharing authentic, in-depth content. Our goal is to be relatable to readers while showcasing unique perspectives and ideas.

WELL, is about what comes after the comma. It’s life, unfiltered.

Hong Kong is at the beating heart of our magazine. We love this city we call home- dense urban jungle next to wonderous mountains and beaches. The beauty of its people and landscape is what inspired us to start a wellness company here, rather than anywhere else in the world.

Given the political turmoil of 2019, many may argue against the logic of starting a business in Hong Kong. But even though Hong Kong has faced many challenges we still believe strongly in the spirit of city and its future.

WELL, Magazine Asia supports fostering partnership and community building with our neighboring cities- Shenzhen, Macau, Guangdong and the other metropolises that make up the Greater Bay Area. It’s estimated that around 69 million people live within a 56 square kilometer range. We believe there is no better place in the world to start a positive change movement. The interconnected nature of the Greater Bay Area with China and international community means the impact make here will ripple out to the rest of the world.

WELL, WHO? – In depth features on people in the region making positive contributions

WELL, YOU! – Articles that focus on self-improvement and actionable advice

WELL, TRIBE – Articles that focus on community improvement, family and relationship building

WELL, LETS EAT – Wholesome recipes and restaurants making a difference

WELL, EXPLORE – Travel suggestions and inspiration for Hong Kong and beyond

WELL, GIVE – Education and information about giving back to our community through charity partnerships

WELL, LISTEN – Authentic, uplifting, and informative podcasts

How can you get involved?

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WELL, Media International is a global media and lifestyle company that inspires and enables people to make positive improvements in their lives and in the communities in which they live.

First conceived by CEO Emily Kelleher, WELL, Media Group was founded in 2019 with her husband Jackson Kelleher.

The company consist of three main business focuses:

  1. WELL, Magazine Asia- Launched in December of 2019 WELL, Media’s showcase online lifestyle magazine focused on encouraging positive change in people’s lives and communities.
  2. WELL, Media agency– Assisting clients to create a compelling brand to better connect and grow their audience. WELL, is especially adept to assist companies and individuals looking to enter the Asian market or Asian companies looking to reach a global audience. We are selective in who we work with, however, as our client’s values must align with our values.
  3. WELL, Investments– Enable start-ups and small businesses that align with our values to grow more quickly by providing capital investment and partnership.

Across all business areas WELL, Media hopes to encourage positive change in the community; including but not limited to, encouraging people to live a more purposeful life, understand and support others from all walks of life, become more aware of their responsibility to protect the environment, and help others through charity.


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609 6/F Block A
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New Territories, Hong Kong